serious Union crimes uncovered …

Widespread and deep-seated misconduct.

Code for blackmail, bullying, theft, perjury, serial crime and more, from Fairfax.

Not much better from ‘their’ ABC:

Compare the ABC’s editorial response to the TURC final report with the range of editorials from responsible publishers

The ABC’s editorial response to the Trade Union Royal Commission’s Final Report and Recommendations is outright irresponsible.   The national broadcaster parrots the lines used by the crooks in their cover up.   It plays down the overwhelming evidence of serious crimes that have been uncovered and suggests that the Commission was simply a political exercise.   Compare and contrast the ABC with the editorials below – we deserve much better from the National Broadcaster. […]

Lots more at , who has followed this agenda and Commission from the beginning.

The Report is comprised of 6 volumes, one of which is a confidential volume.  Each volume, other than the confidential volume, is available at the links below:

Volume 1 – Introduction and Overview 

Volume 2 – CEPU, HSU, MUA, NUW and TWU 

Volume 3 – CFMEU 

Volume 4 – CFMEU and AWU 

Volume 5 – Law Reform and Policy 

Volume 6 – Confidential Volume – not publicly available


The Labor Party’s first response:

Patrician, impassive, the quintessence of jurisprudential exactitude – only Brendan O’Connor could call Dyson Heydon a “sleazy tabloid sub-editor”

This man is the for workplace relations.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 11.45.23 am

Finally a reminder about dish it out but can’t take it O’Connor – here’s the alternate Minister of the Crown’s approach to keeping those who displease him informed.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 11.51.41 am

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