boosting indigenous employment, business and profits … Environmental Horticulture

Terminalia ferdinandianaThe past 12 months have been a very intense time of planning, supervision, meetings, deals, and more, giving me a lot less time here. The result will be immense for 2016, with a lot of futures at stake, environmental rehabilitation will get a huge boost around Broome and neighboring regions of the Dampier Peninsula.

The implementation of these plans will then begin, with our expanding plant nursery the main hub in this region.

Pandanus spiralis

Pandanus spiralis


This post is just a teaser, as we wait for announcements from stakeholders. A whole new way of looking at rehabilitation based on Savannah Enrichment, will be the base of what we will be doing. The main species will be Terminalia ferdinandiana, sometimes seen as the next superfood, locally known as the Gubinge, a native fruit found across the north of Australia.

Indigenous plants - 0734

Fruit of the Terminalia ferdinandiana, the Gubinge

A proposed multi-million dollar business will be the outcome of these early negotiations, which includes the involvement of many indigenous communities and outstations, right across northern Australia.

Melaleuca argentea, Silver-leaf Paperbark

Melaleuca argentea, Silver-leaf Paperbark

Research will be undertaken to look at a number of other promising species to use in the food, medical and cosmetic industries.

Grevillea refracta

Grevillea refracta

a a

Much of the work undertaken so far has been courtesy of Training Programs and Work for the Dole participants. Volunteers have also been a big part of the success so far. Much of the work is also self-funded, with help from various agencies across the board.

Nursery benches, featuring temporary shade

Nursery benches, featuring temporary shade

Terminalia cunninghamii

Terminalia cunninghamii, the tasty Pindan Walnut

PO Box 459 BROOME WA 6725 TEL: 0439511985
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About Tom Harley

Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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