false prophets …

False prophets, such as ‘climatist’ Tim Flannery and his media cohorts, mostly commentators on ‘their’ ABC , Fairfax, The Conversation, Guardian, etc. need to be held to account. Wired, here, is another:

Mark Anderson 

The scientific evidence is now overwhelming that unchecked growth in fossil fuel use throughout the next half-century will produce a global climate catastrophe.

Peak Flannery

flannery centreTim Flannery, interviewed by Wired News, in 2006 (emphasis added): Imagine oil prices twice or three times what they are today. Imagine the increased problems of hurricanes and insurance losses at the same time. And imagine the problems of water availability as well, because we’re getting a lot of extreme weather. That all adds up to a society under enormous stress. Is that society going to have the resources to invest in the new energy infrastructure that we need to build in order to eventually diminish those problems? Because changing energy infrastructure won’t help sea-level rise for half a century. It won’t help defend your city against this immediately rising ocean. […]

Tim Flannery is probably the worst, paid hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money, giving us bull-dust in return.

[…] With ever-mounting deficits, we don’t have “the luxury of money” to indulge whims, apocalyptic fantasists and, to cite one particularly egregious example of profligacy, a $7.5 million eco-tech centre named in honour of the habitually incorrect. Not, of course, that we ever did.

Flannery’s many false prophecies can be read in full via the link below.

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He is just one of them. Flannery is a climate catastrophe. (Via Quadrant) He is not alone though, James Hansen, Michael Mann and Gavin Schmidt are just a few of them: Gavin Schmidt’s Magic Climate Balance.

Conrad Black writes here in the NY Sun how the post-Soviet socialists latched onto the climate agenda.

In other false prophet news, the Green’s Polar Bear icons, are now “as fat as pigs”:

A Svalbard polar bear in the fall of 2015 Arctic / Polarbeargate

More scientific evidence that polar bears are doing just fine – a 30% increase in population with some of them “as fat as pigs.”

Speaking of false prophets:


Not enough, you need to send him money as well

Tim Flannery is running late. He’s just landed after 30 hours in the air travelling between his home in Melbourne and London, and he’s realised he needs to…

The guy is a criminal, using stolen taxpayer funds for his deceitful nonsense. More:

A 1.5˚C temperature rise limit is admirable, but Australia may struggle to comply without monumental change.

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