the ludicrous …

The Professor is bonkers:

From the “Lewandowsky needs to broaden his reach for nutters” department and the GWPF: Pope’s Climate Adviser Fails (Again) A Cambridge professor who claimed that assassins may have murdered three British scientists investigating the impact of global warming has had a complaint against The Times dismissed by the press regulator. Peter Wadhams said in an…

They just don’t get it. The ideology must be followed at all costs, according to this true believer:

Exclusive interview with Professor Peter Wadhams, leading Arctic scientist Cambridge University – Filmed by Judy Sole, the University of Earth -…
Jarrahstan LightfootWhen i first saw this interview by Judy Sole I was inspired to action. I took on the challenge, dropped all that i was doing, and started working 24/7 on it. Others who watch it seem terrified !

Inspired to action. All except the fact checking. They never bother to do any fact checking, like I do here. The University of Earth?

Just a few excerpts on different posts at WUWT, including that quote on top:

Dr. Peter Wadhams had famously claimed that Arctic Sea Ice would be completely gone this year, even Gavin (Schmidt) said it was ridiculous: Clearly he’s been proven wrong.…

Over the past few years the Arctic expert, Professor Peter Wadhams, has strongly predicted an ‘ice-free’ Arctic no later than 2016. Late this year he changed it to 2020 without apparently giving an explanation.[…]

Gosh, it’s that “methane ‘splode” again. This time the Guardian makes an easily testable hypothesis emblazoned in the headlines that we’ll be sure to remind them of in two years. Even Gavin Schmidt is panning this one, see below. From the University of Cambridge Cost of Arctic methane release could be ‘size of global economy’…

Mr Lightfoot, and Dr Wadhams must have missed this:

Cryosphere Today – Arctic Climate Research at the University of Illinois – Click the pic to view at source

I guess the agenda playing out by Wadhams and Co is all about money. Ours, to give them:

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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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3 Responses to the ludicrous …

  1. oosorio456 says:

    Climate change is a real issue in Western Hemisphere.

    • Tom Harley says:

      What climate change? The only change is in the number of lying thieving climate warmists, adjusting the data to suit their pockets, denying the poor from getting cheap coal and gas power.

  2. Tom Harley says:

    The deserts are greening, more rain is falling, crops are at record levels, simply from extra atmospheric CO2.

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