scaring the kiddies about Santa …

The scary “ice is melting faster than ever” agenda rears it’s head once more.  What is Santa to do?

Conspiracy theories from people with an agenda, blaming Denmark’s Ocean and Ice Services of Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut for having an agenda. the usual, ‘oil and gas’. So I added Jonova’s scary graph on her post today, immediately getting blocked. Kept the screen picture though.

Thanks to those below, who encouraged me to have a much closer look. You see, immediately after I posted an answer on the Facebook page below, I was blocked.

Jarrahstan Lightfoot commented on a post from 8 November.
Arctic Emergency: Scientists Speak On Melting Ice and Global Impacts (1080p HD) Remastered with…


Al Gents Thanks for the update

Jarrahstan Lightfoot

Jarrahstan Lightfoot Tom Harley’s link about is totally misleading. Why? The charts which cover the last 40 years are totally different to this misleading chart of just the last few years. In the Climate Denial Wars there is much misleading data.

Max Wilbert

Max Wilbert I produced the film on the Arctic because I’ve been there and seen the land being destroyed by the warming climate with my own eyes. I’ve walked on the thawing permafrost and seen whole slopes destabilizing and sliding away as the soils thaw. People need to know what is going on in the Arctic, and so I made the film to inform people and inspire resistance.

Jarrahstan Lightfoot

Jarrahstan Lightfoot If anyone reads this thread. please know that Denmark (note spelling above) is one of the 5 countries who want to make money from the Ice free Arctic. It is called “the last oil frontier” so they present all manner of false data to support their desire to make profit. Fact being – it is the Oil AND gas industries which created the problem in the first place ! Ho hum fiddle dee dumb

Tom Harley

Tom Harley Or this:…/arctic-sea-ice-dec-2015.gif

So here’s the link to the rest at Jonova: It’s “The Fright before Christmas”. Can we scare the kiddies?

Book, Santa, Slimate change, Alarm,Her post finishes with these famous images of a 1959 ice free North pole:

Tell the kiddies that somehow Santa and the reindeer survived 1959 when submarines from the US Navy surfaced at the North Pole. (They even did it in winter too).


Arctic, Sea Ice, 1959, 1962, Thinning ice, submarines, climate change.

You can read excerpts here, where Vixen, Dancer and what not struggle through predictable sentence structure and plodding conversation.


 So, who is misleading who? At least I have photos and real science to show, not scary kiddy fairy tales.

National Snow & Ice Data Center (NSIDC) – Click the pic to view at source

It’s about time those who want to stop the oil and gas industry, stopped using oil and gas. It would solve all our their problems!

About Tom Harley

Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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  1. yeah I think its misleading too.

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