energy misinformation and trials…

The Green hype failed to sway this politician, who decided to travel to the heart of the gas industry. What he found was a shock, all the scares were wrong, Bishop Hill has the story: A fracking corrective

The levels of disinformation about the shale gas industry has been quite overwhelming, although obviously very much par for the course for environmentalists. It’s good therefore to have a corrective in the shape of this paper by Kevin Hollinrake, the MP for Thirsk & Malton.

Hollinrake has been to Pennsylvania to take a look at the shale gas industry on the ground and his approach of just driving around asking people what they thought leads to a powerful rebuttal of the scare stories:

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Don’t tell the Greenies, it’s fun watching the BS. Here, the Judge threw the book at them: Criminal records for Friends of the Earth, Sandbag

Guy Shrubsole: convict Yesterday, the green activists who disrupted the Banks Mining facility next to Matt Ridley’s home in Northumberland were up in court on charges of aggravated trespass. I have received the following report.

1. Yesterdays court case went ahead as planned at Bedlington Magistrates Court.

2. The nine charged protesters all appeared in court. They brought along a barrister from Manchester.

3. They appeared rather ‘sheepish’ in court.

4. The barrister argued mitigating circumstances on the basis of that it was a legitimate protest and that the protesters were frustrated by the lack of UK Government action to combat climate change. The judge (a district judge) apparently didn’t think much of this and suggested that it was not appropriate for matters of national politics to be argued by way of illegal obstruction of legitimate coal mining operations in Northumberland.

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