journalist’s reporting reaches a new low …

Unsurprising, Watch: Reporters shout, jump for joy after UN climate deal announced.

Partisan journalism has become an epidemic in recent years. I guess the Education system has brought this on, spurred on by the Australian Academy of Science. Real scientists will be dismayed. Australian Academy of Science trains school children to be lobbyists and teachers don’t mind

I guess that’s because of the politics of the left, it’s always about control, theirs.Australian Academy of Science, Logo, Parody






The ABC was gloating this morning on radio, interviewing the usual suspects, despite the Pari-ites agreenent not being worth the paper it’s written on. But that’s OK, Morocco next year, a great place to holiday for the rent-a-mob climate crowd. Only 12 Months To Save The World (Again)! – Already plans are being drawn up for the next UN jamboree in Morocco!

Of course they wont see this, too much truth and humour for the ‘movement’:

Update, from Tim Blair, who notices these things. This guy is their climate change star!

Appropriately enough, the climate change conference kicked off with a speech from murderous Zimbabwean tyrant bastard Robert Mugabe, who isn’t exactly unfamiliar with large body counts. That includes his 91st birthday party earlier this year, which featured a feast of buffalo, impala and a baby elephant.

“Unless current trends are reversed, disaster stalks planet Earth,” Mugabe told the conference, before presumably heading for the French capital’s Parc Zoologique to see if it had a drive-through.

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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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