free-floating through clouds of totalitarian fantasy …

Testimony given to the Senate Inquiry on Climate change by journalist and author Mark Steyn, describing the ‘art’ of climate science, as paid for by the taxpayers of the world. Brilliant.

A great beginning, with testimony still coming from Drs Curry, Christy and Lindzen Will Happer to look forward to. The Democrats ought to be hanging their heads in shame.

A superb, and funny read at the link provided.

A small excerpt: […]

Likewise, as I have come to learn, with climate science: when someone’s up in northern Finland collecting lake sediment, that’s science; when someone’s taking tree rings from the Gaspé peninsula in Québec, that’s science; when someone’s up to his neck in ice cores in Antarctica, that’s science. But, when Michael Mann feeds them all into his magic processor and tells you here’s the planet’s temperature for the last two millennia, that’s not science. When the IPCC distills it further into “This is the hottest year of the hottest decade of the hottest century in, like, forever”, that is way beyond the realm of science. And, when politicians distill that further still into “Give us all your money or



the planet gets it”, we have flown the coop of science and are free-floating through clouds of totalitarian fantasy.

Climate alarmism is going nowhere.


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