what you wont learn from ‘their’ ABC …

Feeling chilly? Here’s cold comfort: You could be in East Antarctica which new data says set a record for soul-crushing cold.

Only hottest ever events are reported on by ‘their’ ABC. The cold hurts more:

Coldest December morning for 38 years at Kent Town in central Adelaide

Just noticed this HT Graeme No.3 – But today I see Adelaide (Kent Town) recorded 7.9°C which just beats the previous record of 8° in 1987 – data starts 1977.
Parafield Airport had 5.7 this morning – Only 0.1 above the December record minimum of 5.6 in 1995. All in the face of the increasing Adelaide urban heat island (UHI) influence.
Adelaide West Terrace 1887-1979 recorded 6.8 in 1955.

Warwick Hughes has more: Tarcoola Aero data from 1997 – 2 Dec 2015 minimum temperature at 7.8° was a record – the previous coldest was 8.4° on 10 Dec 2002

Australia’s coldest winter in a while: Australia – Coldest winter in 20 years

“And Tasmania had its lowest mean temperature in 49 years.”

“Bureau of Meteorology does its best to trivialize 2015’s coldest winter in 20 years by attempting to deflect the significance of the data …   says reader H.B.  Schmidt. Continue reading Australia – Coldest winter in 20 years

Not just in the Southern Hemisphere, where snow even fell in December in the Blue Mountains, and in Tasmania: Meteorologist: Record High U.S. snow cover for Dec. 1.

About Tom Harley

Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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