BoM-gate …

What do we want from BoM’s hacker? I’d like to see a list, but those with more imagination than I could surely turn this hack into a BoMgate. Just before any pseudo-agreement by the Paris-ites.

Chinese hackers? Last time Climategate, remember that, you know, Copenhagen, 2009. That was Russian servers! One up-manship? Here’s my list.

1/ The program BoM use to hucksterize the weather data.

2/ BoM’s policy of FOI, followed by all emails between Ministers and BoM executives, 2005 to 2016.

3/ All BoM’s homogenizing practices.

You never know your luck! There could be a lot more to come.

More news for BoM hacked

Three hours later than BBC, their ABC, shattered, and wondering what to say, but it was a “massive” attack from China. Good. Feeling lucky!

Broome BoM surrounded by 4 helicopter hangars

Broome BoM surrounded by 4 helicopter hangars

The tallest tower is BoM’s radar dome in Broome.

Update, you could read this any number of ways, even deliberately by employees, whistleblowers, to expose, or hide transgressions. Conspiracy theories will fly out there!

Australia Bureau of Meteorology ‘hacked’ – Chronicle Daily…/australia-bureau-of-meteorology-hacked/

4 hours ago – China has been blamed for a cyber attack on Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology that may have compromised computer systems across the …



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3 Responses to BoM-gate …

  1. Cranky Old Crow says:

    Perhaps they were looking at how NOT to predict tomorrow’s weather.

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