march to oblivion …

Greatly reduced numbers of ideologues at this years’ ‘climate March, parading themselves for the boondoggle in Paris. Thankfully, people are waking up to the ideology that includes their hands in your wallet.

Massive turnout of 500+ from The Greens (WA) at the ‪#‎peoplesclimatemarch‬ in Perth today!

(Update, Just like adjusting the data, now it’s 8ooo suckers: Simone Van Hattem added a new photo to People’s Climate March – Perth‘s Timeline. Very impressive Perth, 8000 of you is the official number!! ‪#‎peoplesclimate)

Massive? that’s a laugh, but then those words were written by a Green Senator. In Broome, all the usual culprits were there:

You see, marchers, global warming hasn’t happened for the last 2 decades, what makes you think CO2 has anything to do with it. CO2 on the rise, temperatures steady. The last Century’s warming is the result of leaving the little ice age behind. Warming is beneficial for life, along with a lot more CO2. Jonova, with her introduction to Dr David Evans’ new papers:

New Science 20: It’s not CO2, so what Is the main cause of Global Warming?

We are back in the hunt for the main mystery drivers of our climate. The IPCC says it can’t be the Sun because the total amount of sunlight barely changes. Which is the usual half-truth that  pretends the Sun is simple a ball of fire with no magnetic field, no solar wind, and has no changes in the “color” of the spectrum it emits. But the Sun has a massive fluxing magnetic field that turns itself inside out and upside down regularly, it churns off a stream of charged particles that rain on Earth, and if human eyes could see infra red and UV, we’d see the color of the Sun change through the cycle. We  are only just beginning to figure out how these aspects affect the climate. But we know these factors influence ozone, probably cloud seeding, and possibly jet streams.

The only good long data we have on the Sun are the sunspots, which give us a reasonable idea of total sunlight since 1610. David uses Fourier maths to find the way that total solar irradiance (TSI) might relate to temperatures on Earth. TSI itself barely changes, so it could only have caused about 10% of the variation of Earth’s temperature since 1900 (if the official temperature records are to be believed). But it’s the main clue we’ve got to figure out how other parts of the solar dynamo may be changing the weather here on Earth.

The most likely mechanism is through cloud cover, which covers 60% of the Earth and reflects 30% of the incoming energy. And small change will make a big difference. David‘s model looks for externally driven changes to albedo, which means forces other than surface warming that influence our clouds. The IPCC assumes this doesn’t happen. What can I say? Their models don’t work. […]

Burn more gas.

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