the killing fields …

Not just the killing of birds, but even worse, the bats are under serious threat of survival. Wind turbines are a disaster!:

Why are wind farms killing so many bats?
Infrared video reveals bats get up close and personal with spinning blades
“Wind turbines mostly get bad press for killing birds, but they might actually have a bigger impact on bats, which appear to be killed in large numbers at wind farms. This might disproportionately affect bat populations because, as the authors of a new paper put it, “Bats are long-lived mammals with low reproductive potential and require high adult survivorship to maintain populations.””

Infrared video reveals bats get up close and personal with spinning blades.|By John Timmer


John Robert I can guess why they get so close, I think the blades produce sounds of eddy turbulences by the non laminar layer of air and the blade these sounds could very well mimic the turbulences produced by insect wings during flight. Dam I should put in for a See More

Wind farms causing thousands of bats to die of collapsed lungs annually in…

 Why did it take so long for the truth to be heard I wonder.


Ric Werme “A team of researchers decided to find out why bats have so many lethal interactions with the turbines. To do so, they used infrared video cameras” Ars Technica doesn’t give credit to the research they report on? What gives with that?

A Boston University project did all this in 2008 or so and made videos available.See More

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