not, and never has been, CO2 causing climate change …

It’s obvious really, how CO2 has little effect on the climate:

[…] So water vapour plus clouds will regulate temperature like a thermostat, and keep the Earth temperature stable within tightly set bounds. And if this is so, then almost everything that the IPCC has claimed over the last 30 years, is incorrect. An essential component of the CO2 warming theory and scare story, is that CO2 will be assisted by H2O to create a more powerful feedback. And if H2O is not assisting CO2, but opposing it instead, then the entire CO2 Global Warming theory lies dead in the water.
This cloud thermostat-regulation theory has been expounded by Willis Eschenbach, amongst many others, and it is simple, logical, and of serious merit. And if proven correct, this theory alone destroys the CO2 Global Warming industry, let alone the additional effects of albedo being explored in this paper…

The global warming theory is dead in the water.

Albedo regulation of Ice Ages, with no CO2 feedbacks

Guest article by Ralph Ellis who welcomes constructive feedback – some familiar ice ages charts put together in a way I have not seen.

Dr Evans’ new paper will bury it for good. Here, he answers some criticism.

The warming is all man made, 1/ data adjustments and 2/ recording equipment moved to airports! The satellites and weather balloons all show a pause in warming.

heli hangars and radar tower

BoM Radar tower and offices, surrounded by 4 helicopter hangars at Broome Airport





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