Mal-function …

Catallaxy Files has the proof: Malcolm is becoming an international metaphor for idiot

This is from an article the other day by Mark Steyn which you should, of course, read in full. But these are the relevant bits about our new PM:

Let’s take Malcolm Turnbull at his word that it’s only “a very very small percentage of violent extremist individuals”. What is the actual percentage? In the aforementioned Malmö, where up to a thousand mostly young male “refugees” arrive each day, suppose the “very very small percentage” is two per cent. That’s 20 brand new “violent extremists” per day. During the Northern Irish “Troubles”, MI5 estimated that there were no more than a hundred active members of the IRA at any one time – that’s to say, people actively involved in shooting and killing. So Malmö is taking in the equivalent of the entire IRA every week.

What will be our contribution? And when you have finished reading Mark Steyn, you should go on to Andrew Bolt.

UPDATE: And if you want to see what mugs they take us for, have a look at these: Yesterday’s Terrorist is Today’s “Helpless Refugee”…THESE Pictures will SHOCK you. There’s more at the link than just this one.

terrorist to civilian

Those who voted Malcolm Malfunction in to power have a lot to answer for. Otherwise the new Liberty Alliance will be their downfall. Fortunately, the NSW Finance Minister understands: Dominic Perrottet: in praise of Tony Abbott, who defied the pack

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2 Responses to Mal-function …

  1. john namnik says:

    I blogged on this months ago after hearing Sean Kelly [Lab advisor], tell Bolt that it was a statistical fact that 99% of Muslims are not Jihadis in OZ. This is great news because it means that only 5000 Muslims in OZ are out to kill us. And this number will be even less if you deduct from that the 21 in prison on terrorist offences, the 200 who left OZ to do their murdering in Syria, and a few 100 others in jail for common crime. What’s to worry about? Crikey, another former Lab. advisor, Cass Wilkinson said on Fox last year that there was absolutely no reason that OZ couldn’t take all the world’s [50 mil. then] asylum seekers. We’re safe as houses with Mal & Bill as leaders.

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