what else did the scammers get wrong …

Just the ‘tip of the iceberg’, so to speak! More or less, ice:

THE WORLD is not heating up, some areas are actually getting colder and the volume of polar ice caps is INCREASING in some places, a leading geologist…
express.co.uk|By Jon Austin

 Funded by big oil’? I wish!

The global warming alarmist community has for years smeared skeptics by claiming that they are funded by Big Oil. Is that true? Did the oil…

 Still waiting for my first cheque!

Nobel prizes? False, of course:

Imagine the brazenness of someone who falsely claims to be a Nobel Prize winner — a simple claim that is easily verified on the Internet. Why then would anyone believe much more complex claims? Michael Mann falsely claimed to be a Nobel winner. So why would anyone believe his black box computer model claim of being able to divine the global temperature record going back a thousand years?

Any climate skeptic who acted so brazenly would be rightfully drummed out of public dis

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Even though the Nobel committee has made clear that IPCC contributors are not Nobelists, descriptions of Mann as a Nobel winner keep arising.

 Warming much? Not a chance:

Michael Mann, a climate scientist of Pennsylvania State University, said: “We may see warming even faster than what the models are predicting.” And Michael England, a professor at the University of…

John Kerry, world’s first climate refugee? We can only hope! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Speaking Monday in Valparaiso, Chile, Secretary of State John Kerry was asked why the term “climate refugees” does not exist in international law.

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