carbon graft …

The Paris-ites are out in full force, pumping up the World’s biggest scam, ever. Lord Deben shows up on The Drum to spout his usual nonsense, but at least this time, Jonova is able to throw a few words in. Jonova adds:

[…] Deben pulled the “science is settled” excuse, which is always what someone says when they really don’t want a debate about the science. Climate science is immature, and thousands of scientists are protesting around the world: go online and find them. Thirty thousand scientists have put their names to a petition protesting at this exaggerated scare, that includes 9,000 PhD’s, astrophysicists, nuclear chemists, atmospheric scientists, meteorologists, and thousands of geologists and engineers. It also includes two guys who won Nobels in Physics, and three men who walked on the moon. Those guys have reputations that matter. They certainly know a lot more about climate science than Lord Deben.

Of course, Lord Deben is up to his ears in carbon profiteering and ‘pocketlining’. A commenter adds “We in Britain are well used to the drama queen Lord Deben spouting nonsense. The most odious character who has ever graced our screens. What many in Australia may not know, but will be no surprise I’m sure, is that Deben is up to his armpits in the renewables scam and is well rewarded for his work for several renewable companies.”

Listening to, grudgingly in the car this morning, as usual ‘not my ABC’ Fran Kelly interviews a World Bank, or is it IMF, carbon counting Paris-ite. Had to turn the sermon off. Last week it was the Paris-itic’ head of the Bank of England! What is it about financiers and carbon? Oh, that’s right, carbon graft. The cost of climate change.

The Devastating Corporate Response to Carbon Madness

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  1. john namnik says:

    More from the not-your-ABC dialectics department beating their DRUM for the warmunistas. “See how we show both sides of the argument”: …. yeah, by giving Jo less than quarter the time given to Drebbin [oops, that’s the “Flying High” guy], I mean Deben – well, they’re both high flyers. I wonder if Gerard Henderson [Sydney Inst.] will pick that up on his Media Watch thread, just as he exposed Fran [“I’m an activist” ] Kelly who, as a reporter, is ethically restricted from political process. The ABC flaunts its prejudice shamelessly and the sheeple say “baaah”, and the fawning of Kelly and Sales in the presence of Marvellous Malcolm and his smarmy army is sickening.

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