climate corruption and following the money …

It’s now called Rico-gate! Climatist Paris-ites  are coming undone at a rapid rate. The 20 scientists who want Obama to  jail sceptics are becoming undone, rapidly.

Lead letter writer of the 20 and his wife, daughter and many other Shuklas are now themselves under Congressional investigation for double dipping millions of dollars.

Another: Of course, Mr Betts has lots of good reasons for this, at the last count 606,100!

Then another: “Finally Mr Robuck from Rutgers, who also signed the letter, sent this photo from his visit to Cuba in 2011, and asked that we might put it in next month’s village magazine. He’s got a strong grip that nice Mr Castro!”


The rest of the Interwebby is all over it too, shades of climategate. Jagadish Shukla’s #RICO20 blunder may have opened the ‘largest science scandal in US history’

You see, he tried to hide the letter by shutting down his website: The ‘RICO 20 letter’ to Obama asking for prosecution of climate skeptics disappears from Shukla’s IGES website amid financial concerns

Climategate is now relevant once more prior to the Paris-ites November boondoggle:


The Need To Revisit The Climategate Revelations To Counter Mainstream Media Failure And The Paris Climate Conference Plans

Guest opinion: Dr. Tim Ball It is time to revisit the emails leaked from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at East Anglia. The first 1000 emails were released in November 2009 just prior to the Climate Conference of the Parties (COP) 15 scheduled for Copenhagen. They effectively stopped political plans for a replacement of the…

I am in the wrong business. Now where is all that Koch Brothers oil cash I was promised a decade ago/sarc.


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