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a seedy time …

Checking through some seeds this week. There is such a wide range of seeds, pods, the way they sit in the capsules, the way they naturally disperse, and process ready for germination:

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cooked with solar …

I hope owners of solar panels have up to date Insurance. Solar panels cooked. Firefighters do not like the chance of electrocution in rooftop fires. Portions of the solar panels dropped down during the fire, and portions of the rubber … Continue reading

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the ‘climategate’ Paris-ite games begin …

What are they hiding? Orders from higher up? Pass the popcorn and email wackadoodle … NCDC/NCEI’s Karl and Peterson refuse congressional subpoena on flawed ‘pausebuster’ paper Wow, just wow. I told Dr. Tom Peterson in an email this summer that … Continue reading

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early storms …

The season’s storms are showing lots of colour in this early stage of the 2015/16 wet season, giving us about 2 months before they usually reach the town, causing a lot of angst among the watchers and ‘newbees’ to town. … Continue reading

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pest control …

This ‘dragon’ is a common Broome resident, getting very tame if you have a food source handy. In this case, the seeds remain free of grubs and caterpillars: They are adept at hunting the backyards, even to picking flies off … Continue reading

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dirty energy …

[…] the massive mirror array off Interstate 15, just south of the Nevada state line, uses so much natural gas to function that it has to be regulated under California’s cap-and-trade boondoggle. The project, funded by $1.6 billion in federal … Continue reading

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enriched CO2 in the atmosphere does wonders …

Interactive Effects of Elevated CO2 and Air Pollution on Wheat — Summary (21 October 2015) Atmospheric CO2 enrichment typically enhances photosynthesis and biomass production in wheat (Triticum aestivum) under normal growing conditions. But what happens when environmental conditions are less … Continue reading

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green, screaming, Paris-ites … totalitarian warmists

[…] This effectively means telling the world’s worst-off people, suffering from tuberculosis, malaria or malnutrition, that what they really need isn’t medicine, mosquito nets or micronutrients, but a solar panel. It’s no wonder the Green Screamers and Paris-ites don’t like Dr … Continue reading

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a windy fiasco … missing eagles

Wind Power is a fiasco? Of course it is: OF COURSE: Britain’s Insanely Expensive & Utterly Pointless Wind Power Fiasco Exposed. Posted at 3:51 am by Sarah Hoyt A lot bigger fiasco than anyone thought: Where have all the eagles gone? … Continue reading

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the absurdity of the Paris-ites …

‘There is not a single fact, figure or observation that leads us to conclude that the world‘s climate is in any way =disturbed‘. It is variable, as it has always been, but rather less so now than during certain periods … Continue reading

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