“dumb coral — and dumber journalists” …

Scientists, activists and careerists need to escape the Lab a bit more often. They may get a fright.

Fishy Tales of the Great Barrier Reef

“Among the many life forms thriving in the waters off Queensland’s coast, environmental activists and academic careerists are by the far most adaptable. Despite voluminous evidence that the Reef is healthy, they extract careers, grants and donations from dumb coral — and dumber journalists.” […]

Actually, it’s all about money:


Follow the money

To understand the true driver of the constant chorus singing of allegedly dire threats to the GBR, just follow the money. These imaginary perils are the foundation for a hundred-million dollar local industry of research and management based on addressing them. In turn, the alarmism generates multi-million dollar contributions to the environmental NGOs and their campaigns to “save” the reef. The unquestioning media get the shock! horror! headlines it craces. As for politicians, they find it useful when pandering for low-cost, low-risk green votes. […]

You see, marine organisms are highly adaptable to changes in temperature and alkalinity, not cash contributions:

Ocean Acidification Database (22 September 2015)
The latest addition of peer-reviewed data archived to our database of marine organism responses to atmospheric CO2 enrichment is Red Rock Shrimp [Lysmata californica] (Taylor et al., 2015). To access the entire database, click here.

Dr Smales, here, proves my point, sticking to the Perth city and surrounds, warming is blamed, possibly!: Small increases in temperature can change ocean life

I’m sure it can, up here in the tropics it can vary seasonally by as much as 15C, between winter and summer. Which makes some fish migrate south in summer, and whales north in winter! Now that’s change you can believe in.

Animals doing fine with 15C changes:??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ?????????? ??????????

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