climate history repeats … the misuse of meteorological data

Over 100 years ago, data manipulation was rife:

Climate data fraud, like that being done by NASA and NOAA,  is not a new problem. It is up to the “Independent Press” to defend the truth.

it is the misuse of meteorological data …. that constitutes a crime against the community


Today, the manipulation is far worse, with massive consequences. Politics is trying to hide it. Well, the Environment Minister did!

What are they trying to hide!

 Rent-seekers reveal awful truth: Abbott wanted to investigate BOM data, Hunt opposed “due diligence”.

Imagine the crime of trying to audit the BOM?

Last year, Graham Lloyd wrote in The Australian about how the BOM had made whopping two degree adjustments to data which turned cooling trends to warming trends and instead of improving the data, it created discontinuities. The BOM’s eventual explanation lamely exclaimed that the stations “might” have moved. (And they might not, too. Who knows, but remember this is what 95% certainty looks like.) Lloyd wrote about how historical records of extreme heat at Bourke had effectively been thrown in the trash. Who cares about historical records?

In response to the embarrassment and revealing questions, Tony Abbott wanted an investigation.  But Greg Hunt, and The Dept of Environment opposed the investigation and opposed doing “due diligence”. What are they afraid of? Instead, Hunt helped the BOM set up a one-day-wonder investigation with hand-picked statisticians that wasted another nine months before admitting that the BOM methods would never be publicly available or able to be replicatedIf it can’t be replicated, it isn’t science.

The BOM’s defense is always that their mystery method is considered “best practice” by other agencies around the world — who share the same incentives to exaggerate warming, and who also use unscientific and undisclosed (though different) adjustments.

It’s clear Greg Hunt doesn’t want good environmental data. Nor does the ABC, which is already talking about how they hope to get money from the Turnbull government. […]

Read it all …

Then, on top of the data manipulation, we find most of it is just an estimate. Yes, good science that is, (sarc).

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