the professors are speaking out …

It’s a fraud:

Harold Lewis is Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Here is his letter of resignation to Curtis G. Callan Jr, Princeton…

In the last few days a number of highly credentialled scientists have come out with their take on the failed and fraudulent global warming agenda. Following Professor Lewis’ letter of resignation, , posts this letter from , who writes we have populated the scientific community with what I like to call “chickens with no head,” that is, researchers who can produce multiple scientific articles per year, none of which with any particularly important impact on our understanding of the world. Because of this, science is moving forward similarly to how a headless chicken walks, with no perceivable goal […]”

Then along comes Dr Giaever:  Nobel Laureate Physicist Dr. Ivar Giaever. Where’s the warming in Greenland? ‘There’s no warming there’

Even leftist Professor Stritmatter speaks out: NPR radio station WYPR gets an earful on climate change from an educated listener

Dr. Roger Stritmatter, a Professor of Humanities writes: “[…] I’m finally unable to keep silent any longer. Since some things that I am going to say may easily be twisted the wrong way by some, let me clarify something for the record: I’m writing this as a lifelong environmentalist and outdoorsman with a strong environmental ethic. Anyone who thinks to put me in another box is mistaken. My check from the petroleum industry never arrived, and I’m not an apologist for that dirty, violent, and hopefully moribund industry.”

Then Dr’s Briggs, Curry, Pielke speak out against Obama’s 20 calling to jail those who disagree with them:

Pielke Jr: ‘This week began with a NYT op-ed comparing climate skeptics to Hitler. It ends with multiple calls for skeptics to be jailed. Lost the plot?’

  • Skeptical Scientist: ‘Failed Climate Scientists Call For RICO Investigation To Stop Criticisms, And Non-Scientist Claims Scientists Will Cause Next Genocide’
  • Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry on RICO! RICO and signing the death warrant for climate science

    The writing is on the wall for climate science! Now, the icing and the cream on the cake, a scientist with no less than 6 University degrees works out where it all went wrong, way back with the first model.  Australian climate scientist, and modeller, Dr David Evans publishes the first post of several, on his new paper which falsifies the current model all climate science is based on:

    New Science 1: Pushing the edge of climate research. Back to the new-old way of doing science

    For those of you who are die-hard puzzle solvers here to spar about cutting edge research: good news, here’s where we begin the long awaited update to Dr David Evans’ climate research. There are a few surprises, sacred cows, we did not expect we would need to challenge, like the idea of “forcings”.

Read them all.

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