Union doo doo, shredded …

A bombshell went off in former CFMEU leader, Dave Hanna’s brain today, when caught lying by  The tape from a conversation in the Qantas lounge at Brisbane Airport has dropped Hanna and others right in the doo doo.

This time, it wasn’t horse doo doo in the horse float, but tonnes of Union documents, on the day the Union was subpoenaed to provide all documents to the Commission. They were sent to Hanna’s farm in several horse float loads. Days following, more documents were shredded with the help of all staff.

The rest of this week, office staff will be scrutinized and cross-examined, but the writing is on the wall. What other recordings are there? Who is the whistle-blower? Who else is going to crash and burn?

Burn did I say? They then tried to burn the documents at Hanna’s farm, before getting a 7 tonne truck to take to it to the tip. It was going to take too long and the fire brigade would have noticed. A Union Organizer was delegated to make sure it all went over the edge into the pit at the tip.

You can’t make this stuff up! The Australian was very quick to report.

Gosh, I’ve never looked forward so much to watching the squirming, can’t wait for tomorrow’s hearing.

The CFMEU are Labor’s primary political donor. Update, Oh, no, it’s Spermgate.

Yes, that came up today.

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