the great energy fantasy …

Wind turbines use 5 to 7 times the amount of concrete and steel vs. say a nuclear plant on a per Megawatt basis. It will require some 10,000 wind turbines to replace the ~ 6000 MW of coal generation at 25% CF (capacity factor). Back-up gas fired plants have to be added like plug-ins everywhere because the wind is not reliable.

Top Canadian Energy Engineer – Eric Jelinski – Slams the Great Wind Power Fraud by stopthesethings Provided they haven’t got their trotters in the wind…

 Not just turbines of course.

That’s like cutting your nose off to spite your face! Rare earth metals are compulsory in the manufacture of these renewable rainbows and unicorns:

Green Energy Lake in Mongolia

A visit to the artificial lake in Baotou in Inner Mongolia – the dumping ground for radioactive, toxic waste from the city’s rare earth mineral refineries. T…

Update, At last, a sensible UK turn-around. At least it’s a start: Green rump

With mainstream greens all coming out in favour of fracking (Robin Harper signed up yesterday, adding his name to a list that now includes Stern, Deben and Worthington) […]

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