BoM don’t trust their instruments … falsify data

‘Cooking the books’ is one term that could be used for temperature ‘homogenisation’ by BoM to produce their so called ‘ACORN’ ‘high quality data. In this post by Bob Fernley-Jones, the  third in this 3 part series of fact checking BoM’s records.



  • The Part 1 study on six capital cities showed that the BoM’s ACORN DATA had no credibility, including illogical treatment for UHI effect.  [Click above § C. …UHI effect].  However, rural site records are much worse in having a larger available sample displaying an even greater variety of problems. [Table 1 above]

  • Almost half of the total 112 ACORN sites have been researched in Parts 1, 2 & 3 and yet more in continuing review, and ALL of them exhibit various data problems of similar severity to that exposed here for both long and short-term records.

  • The ACORN DATA do not pass any test for reasonableness and thus cannot be properly used to assess any warming trends in Australia over the past century.

  •  These are forensic engineering assessments of DATA (not theory or speculative issues) using validated methodology and MS EXCEL software.  [Click above § A for Additional notes… on methodology validation]

This is nothing short of scandalous. Does BoM think it’s instruments are really that bad? Why bother recording temperatures at all, just make it up, you get similar results!



ACORN Station Catalogue. (Including history of sites involved…. Sometimes two or more entirely different locations)

Sortable list of ACORN-SAT stations with linked DATA.

Climate Data Online (CDO starting page with drop-down menus)

Part 1 of this series (subtitled;  A tale of Six Cities)

Part 2 of this series (subtitled;  Illogical Algorithms)

BoM, Broome, just above sea level

BoM, Broome, just above sea level

Pictured is BoM’s radar tower, with it’s own weather system next to airport helicopter hangars.

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