global warming, nothing but a scam of the left …

The Paris-ites have upped the scaremongering in time for the Paris boondoggle in December. However the scam is increasingly being unraveled. Pierre Gosselin:

[…] According to some university researchers who were former heads of their departments, if a university even mentioned natural cycles, they were either denied future grants, or lost grants. And it is common knowledge that United States government employees within NOAA were cautioned not to talk about natural cycles. It is well known that most university research departments live or die via the grant system. What a great way to manipulate researchers in Europe, Australia and the United States.

As I said, a scam!

Jonova adds the context: Pierre Gosslin has a great post: Former NOAA Meteorologist Says Employees “Were Cautioned Not To Talk About Natural Cycles”.

David Dilley, NOAA Meteorologist, tells how for 15 years work on man-made climate change was pushed while work on natural cycles was actively suppressed. Grants connecting climate change to a man-made crisis were advertised, while the word went around to heads of departments that even mentioning natural cycles would threaten the flow of government funds. Speeches about natural cycles were mysteriously canceled at the last minute with bizarre excuses.

But jobs are on the line, so only retired workers can really speak, and no one can name names. […]

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Increasingly, it is apparent that all the global warming hype agenda, is to fund the left’s intentions to control everyone and everything, through the UN’s IPCC, Agenda 21 crowd.

the gospel according to Karl, or Billy … give us your cash

The ‘black shirts’, or is it the ‘brown shirts’, are after total control; get rid of capitalism; bring in a one world government, Agenda 21 type; after your money with their agenda. First, the UNs Christiana Figueres wants to get rid of capitalism. UNFCCC boss Christiana Figueres’ dreams spell a nightmarish future for Earth’s citizens

 […] The most important is a massive transfer of wealth – $100 billion a year …

Read it all!

Comedy bonus:

Friday Funny Bonus: blinkered @greenpeace activists can’t tell the difference between steam and CO2

From the “cooling towers are evil fossil fuel icons” department and the mind of Greenpeace comes this hilariously funny (and stupid) tweet. It demonstrates the usual m.o. of Greenpeace these days, blind uneducated vandalism in the name of a cause. Mind you, this isn’t some rogue splinter faction of Greenpeace putting out this photo, it’s the…



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