the Fairfax funny farm …

Fairfax journalists suddenly, no, not suddenly, but slowly losing the serious plot, take up comedy, or satire, or  just stupid.


But make no mistake. We will still suffer. The coastal houses of the rich will be suddenly worthless. There’ll be no more Barrier Reef holidays. By mid-century, current trajectory, the great reefs will be dead grey stumps. No more kilos of prawns for the barbie. As oceans warm and acidify beyond most species’ tolerance, seafood will become an expensive rarity and oysters almost unheard of. In fact, the barbie will become a dangerous pastime, as Sydney mozzies start to carry dengue and Ross River fever, and beetles carrying chagas disease – a terrible unvaccinatable disease dubbed the Aids of the Americas – also start to spread. And that’s before the homeless hordes decide that Australia looks big and empty.

Elizabeth had better leave off the hippy weed. Andrew Bolt: Her dream? “It’s that old hippy fantasy …”

Another inmate comes along, it’s Lea this time:

Surely McInerney was … a satirist’s creation to lampoon the luvvies? But no, she is the genuine article alright, as her grants from the Australia Council and other bodies establish beyond doubt.

Once, the Fairfax papers were on the left but still within the bounds of sanity. Those days have long since passed.

While Clementine … deleted what?

Must be in the water cooler.

 Update:Four reasons why Clementine Ford’s excuse is pathetic

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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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