Labor attack dogs confirm their own protection racket …

Labor has just shown their true colours. They have gone in to war against a former High Court Judge, who is presiding over the Royal Commission into Union corruption. Judge Dyson’s Commission has already uncovered a wealth of corrupt Union activities, some arrests have already been made for bribery.

Calling the Judge a ? Well, the Commission has certainly proved that Labor know all about ‘bagmen’, from their own dealings!

You would think they would welcome inquiries into corruption, but this attack confirms that the Commission is over the target, and uncovering Labor Union’s dirty deals, blackmail, coercion and thuggery.


Conclusion: Labor is now vilifying one of the country’s leading jurists for uncovering corruption in the unions and highly questionable behavior by the Labor leader. It is trying to destroy the former judge to protect what should be exposed and punished.

This is truly shocking. It looks like Labor is running a kind of protection racket, and roughing up the police.

Soon to come will be the evidence from employers. That’s going to be a blockbuster! You see, we haven’t heard from them yet.

What this attack now does, unfortunately for Labor, makes the mainstream media take a closer look, than the avoidance they are guilty of, bar a few brave souls. Today’s

Andrew Ferguson – former NSW CFMEU Secretary remains in the witness box.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 8.03.02 am […]


Mr Ferguson was reminded of yesterday afternoon’s session in which he was questioned about Trevor Sharp’s recollection of a conversation between Sharp/Ferguson about a new EBA Clause that allowed funding for Foundation House to be diverted to any other entity, including the union itself. […]

There are all the previous proceedings on the same site.



Tim Blair

Update, click on image to read correspondence:

#‎auspol‬ ‪#‎turc‬ The TURC has released some emails relating to Commissioner Heydon’s speech……………….Oh dear media and Labor some egg on your faces now after smearing Dyson Heydon all day???

Liberal National Chat Page's photo.

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