eminent scientist speaks out …

“I was in the business of studying climate change at least 30 years ago before it became fashionable.” Having seen many faddish notions come and go, Dyson is distressed that many environmentalists now believe “global warming is the greatest threat to the ecology of our planet.”

The greatest threat is the agenda of those environmentalists, not global warming, which has stopped, and a health benefit compared to global cooling! Professor Freeman Dyson’s latest interview here. A summary below:

Can I get out of the way for Freeman Dyson

This guy is like the Lone Ranger or Superman of physics.

What can I say when he expounds on an issue except, LISTEN UP.


Dyson has many quotes at this link, here’s one:

[…] “Many of the skeptics are passionate environmentalists,” he insists. But they believe old-fashioned pollution and nuclear weapons are bigger concerns.

Based on Dyson’s understanding of where the science of biotechnology is headed, he feels that “in 50 years, this whole problem of fossil fuels will evaporate.” Just as computer technology has transformed the world in recent decades, he foresees a future in which biologists are able to manipulate the fuel-producing – and carbon dioxide processing –  properties of trees.

Freeman Dyson is a scientist of enormous stature. For more than four decades, he taught theoretical physics at Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Study – described by the New York Times as “the most rarefied community of scholars” in the US.

In a recent 8,000-word profile, the Times says Dyson is “a scientist whose intelligence is revered by other scientists.” One colleague describes him as “infinitely smart.” Another says: “You point Freeman at a problem and he’ll solve it. He’s extraordinarily powerful.”

Dyson is also a longstanding member of JASON – “a small government-financed group of the country’s finest scientists” that evaluates matters of an often classified nature. At JASON meetings, in which everyone present is considered brilliant, reports the Times, someone will idly pose a math question and Dyson will quickly provide an answer, pointing out that “the smallest such number is 18 digits long.”

In the words of one of Dyson’s colleagues, “When this happened one day at lunch, the table fell silent; nobody had the slightest idea how Freeman could have known such a fact or…could have derived it in his head in about two seconds.”

Dyson, who has written several books and received numerous awards (including 21 honorary degrees), is a big-picture thinker. The Times says he’s known for his “interpretive clarity” and his “penetrating ability to grasp the method and significance of what many kinds of scientists do.” […]

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