winded and shredded …

Sydney University Public Health windbagger shredded. Doctor of Arts Professor makes up submissions about health at the Senate Select Committee investigating Wind Turbines. Catallaxy readers do much of the the shredding in comments after the post.


2.21      The committee highlights the fact that Professor Chapman is not a qualified, registered nor experienced medical practitioner, psychiatrist, psychologist, acoustician, audiologist, physicist or engineer. Accordingly:

  • he has not medically assessed a single person suffering adverse health impacts from wind turbines;

  • his research work has been mainly—and perhaps solely—from an academic perspective without field studies;

  • his views have been heavily criticised by several independent medical and acoustic experts in the international community; and

  • many of his assertions do not withstand fact check analyses.

There were so many false items from “Dr” Chapman, shredding was all too easy. For example, (1 0f at least 9):

2.23      Second, Professor Chapman has argued that complaints of adverse health effects from wind turbines tend to be limited to Anglophone nations. However, the committee has received written and oral evidence from several sources directly contradicting this view. The German Medical Assembly recently submitted a motion to the executive board of the German Medical Association calling for the German government to provide the necessary funding to research adverse health effects. This would not have happened in the absence of community concern. Moreover, Dr Bruce Rapley has argued that in terms of the limited number—and concentrated nature—of wind farm complaints:

It is the reporting which is largely at fault. The fact is that people are affected by this, and the numbers are in the thousands. I only have to look at the emails that cross my desk from all over the world. I get bombarded from the UK, Ireland, France, Canada, the United States, Australia, Germany. There are tonnes of these things out there but, because the system does not understand the problem, nor does it have a strategy, many of those complaints go unlisted.


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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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2 Responses to winded and shredded …

  1. john namnik says:

    Nicely timed article for me, Tom. I was sent recently, via facebook, an article on JUNKEE by clown Alex McKinnon describing how Chapman had “shitbagged” the senate inquiry. Now I have the Catalaxy piece to shove back at my correspondent leftie.

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