Packs of lies … and “the infernal” gas CO2

Obama, and all his enablers, including the media, invoke ‘The Biggest Lie of All’. Carbon is pollution! Really? Scientist: ‘The President’s Clean Power Plan is Built Upon a Pack of Lies’

It doesn’t stop there: Climate Scientists Rip Apart EPA’s Global Warming Rule

Or here. Carbon is not pollution: A co-founder of Greenpeace tells the truth on CO2 – Dr. Patrick Moore provides some surprising benefits of CO2 that you won’t hear in the current debate’

Even Obama cronies are full of **it!: Watch: Climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer on Gore’s ‘extreme weather’ claims: ‘Bullsh*t!’ – John Stossel’s “Science Wars”

It’s Fairy-tales time: Obama’s $2.5 trillion plan to kill jobs, coal, make a 0.1% reduction in CO2, and cool world by zero degrees

Welcome to the fairy-land world where we try to control the weather with our electrical generation sources.

Two articles presented here by Professor Singer are essential reading, one of which concerns a global cooling future, the other on false warming agendas by the editor of Science Magazine:


Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #190

 This Week This TWTW is very brief. It focuses on two recent articles by S. Fred Singer of scientific importance: 1) Editor of Science Magazine Should Resign!; and 2) A Paradigm Change: Re-directing…

Here is a short excerpt of the first, which gives us an idea of how silly that magazine has become. Read it all at the links provided.

The 3 July 2015 issue of Science features a remarkable editorial by Editor Marcia McNutt. Titled “The beyond-two-degree inferno,” it suggests that an anthropogenic greenhouse (GH) warming of more than 2 degrees C (global average) will literally cause hell on earth, unless we can all agree to reduce emissions of the “infernal” GH-gas carbon dioxide – preferably before or at a UN-sponsored mega-confab in Paris in December. This much-hyped event, to be attended by nearly 200 national delegations and thousands of hangers-on, has even been endorsed in a papal encyclical, referred to, somewhat irreverently, as a “Pope-sicle” by my Virginia colleague Dr Charles Battig.

McNutt’s editorial claims a “global threat to food supplies, health, ecosystem services, and the general viability of the planet.” Yet none of these threats are supported by any scientific evidence — even from the usually alarmist UN-IPCC. […]

 A “Pope-sicle” of Paris-ites!



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