the Gore effect meets ‘hottest ever’ …

Like a looming train wreck, the Paris alarmists (Paris-ites) tamper with the data, updating their fixes every few days. Funnily enough, the past continues to cool, while the present gets hotter. Except it’s snowing in Hobart, freezing in Melbourne: The Gore effect continues…down under.

Almost 30 years since snow was seen here on a Tasmanian Beach.

A website called NoTricksZone has a good roundup  today comparing the latest NOAA data showing supposed “records” with data from the other independent (and also more accurate) satellite data sets.  It’s just as you’d expect:

NOAA claims that the global surface temperature reached a new all-time record high with an anomaly +0.88°C – the warmest since recordkeeping began in 1880!  However measurements taken by satellite Remote Sensing Systems (RSS) show that although June 2015 indeed was a warm month at +0.39°C, it was only the 4th warmest June ever, and more than 30 other earlier months have seen greater positive anomalies [in records going back to 1979]  Satellite data (revised) [also data going back to 1979] taken by the University of Alabama in Huntsville UAH show that the June 2015 temperature anomaly was +0.31°C, a warm month but not the hottest June ever as three other June months were as warm or warmer.  Moreover plots of the RSS and UAH data continue to show that global temperatures have been flat for now close to 20 years.

Even the belugas are moving closer to the equator: SPOTTED: Incredible rare sighting of white beluga whale in British waters | Nature | News | Daily Express as Greenland has gained 250 million tonnes of ice: Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

In Maine, climate change is taking a toll – Metro – The Boston Globe

Maine is having their coldest year on record.

ScreenHunter_2654 Aug. 03 13.14

Antarctic ice is almost at a record:

The Ice Age Now website lives up to it’s name. Go there and check these out:

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