hypertension fix …

FASTER, PLEASE: Beating high blood pressure – with a beam: Heart experts treat condition by firing ultrasound waves at the kidneys.

[…] If successful, this technique will offer people who cannot control their blood pressure with medication an option to limit their risk of stroke or heart disease without the need for incisions, lasers or a hospital stay.

‘There are a growing number of people developing high blood pressure and those who are treatment-resistant pose a major challenge. We have many drugs but still a large number of patients for whom nothing works.’

Dr Roland Schmieder, a specialist in hypertension based at University Hospital Erlangen in Germany, and the study’s principal investigator, added: ‘External ultrasound offers potential benefits over existing catheter-based renal denervation techniques.

‘If it proves successful, non-invasive renal denervation could greatly reduce costs of treatment and increase access for the millions of people worldwide whose blood pressure is not adequately controlled.’

The original item is excellent at discussing hypertension and it’s many treatments.

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