it’s over, Bill … go now

Bulls**t. is one of those terms well used in Ozzie vernacular, and a bulls**t artist is picked out easily by most ‘ozzies’. Which is why the Opposition Leader, Bull Shorten is often given the similar nickname of Bulls***en. It is no more apparent that this is a true nickname following his recent ‘campaigning’ for Worker’s rights at the Royal Commission. Even earning himself a warning or three from Justice Heydon. Larry Pickering gives him the caning he deserves:


Did Bill Shorten swap workers’ benefits for union fees? Yes he did. Did he hide Gillard and Wilson’s theft from his AWU members? Yes he did. Did he try to hide the HSU fraud? Yes he did. Did he have Bob Kernohan bashed? Yes he did. Did he rape a drunk 16 year-old girl? Yes he did. Did he knife two sitting Labor Prime Ministers? Yes he did. Did he… oh, I could go on all day, because this bloke has a rap sheet longer than both the Kray brothers combined.


The media is all over it.


Bob Hogg, a Labor stalwart of the past has , in everybody’s interest.


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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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1 Response to it’s over, Bill … go now

  1. john namnik says:

    Krudd changed Labor’s internal regulations to make it hard to depose leaders. I think this is why Bill will go, since 60% of caucus votes are required to depose him, BUT if he gets to be PM then 75% must vote to depose him… and that is quite unlikely and difficult. The only candidate appears to be Albo as he has the least baggage of possible candidates, even though he lacks statesmanship, presence and charisma. What a rabble they are.

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