‘Twitterati’ undone …

The ‘new media’ is a failure. The rash of left wing journalists twittering and facebooking on the internet, story after story, does not inform or educate their readers. More to the point, the ‘one liner’ is all that’s noticed, most often a vile comment about their political foes.

The outstanding twitter that proves this point has just cost Fairfax a $200,000 payout for defamation! Yet few actually read the linked article:

Of The Age’s 280,000 Twitter followers, just 789 followed the links to stories that eased the sting in those defamatory tweets.

Oh, and another warning, this time to Age’s social media marketing team. That’s a shocking hit rate for your biggest story of the day. Tweeters seem too lazy even to hit a link.

Tim Blair is chuckling away:

Very few legal cases, apart from those where the accused party pleads guilty, can be considered certain to deliver a particular outcome.

Joe Hockey’s defamation lawsuit against Fairfax, however, was as close as you’ll ever get to a rolled-gold certainty.

The Treasurer wasn’t gambling when he took on Fairfax, publishers of The Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age. He was investing.

More here.

Tim has upset the Twitterati ‘frightbats’.(Update, ‘their’ ABC fail: Q and A didn’t check Twitter? Check this twits.)

I have noticed the same thing on Facebook. WordPress automatically publishes a brief of all my “pindanpost” posts onto my Facebook page, which has just over a third of the followers that my WordPress site has, but barely a ripple happens, and only an occasional comment is made, despite most of the Facebook ‘friends’ belonging to the Green side.

When I make a comment, attached to an article, on a Community Board, however, a flurry of comments from a few more outspoken Greenies show that they don’t read the linked articles either. It would obviously assault their preconceived political ideology.

The catalyst for this was the ABC propaganda program last week, “The End of Coal”. If you feel inclined to see where it all went, go here:

With the price of coal plummeting and our biggest customers turning to renewable energy, is Australia backing a loser?




CAN TWITTER BE SAVED? “Why Twitter is terrible”  is explored by former PJTV host James Poulos in The Week:

It would be one thing if we could redeem all society by leaving Twitter. But Twitter is just the beginning. We could “burn down the internet,” as the kids say, and still fail to calm our blind rage toward our all-too-human imperfection and intransigence. At this rate, maybe we will.

Two hundred years ago, another liberal philosopher explained how merciless worldviews can destroy all communication. “The nation could survive for a while,” warned Benjamin Constant, “on its acquired intelligence, on habits of thinking and doing picked up earlier; but nothing in the world of thought would renew itself. Writers strangled in this way start off with panegyrics; but they become bit by bit incapable even of praise and literature finishes up losing itself in anagrams and acrostics.” Sound familiar?

It may be too late to salvage Twitter. But if we’re going to save the internet, we’ve got to save some mercy for one another.

As Charles Krauthammer famously said in 2002, “To understand the workings of American politics, you have to understand this fundamental law: Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil.” If you’re a leftist who has convinced yourself that you’re in the holy, planet-saving socialist justice warrior business of destroying evil one wrong-thinking person at a time, why take the time and effort to show mercy?

It’s quite an education of the Green ideology. Check it all out if you like comedy or you’ve got time to waste.

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