NOAA’s peak rubbish …

[…] It’s part of the twin peaks thesis: Peaking carbon dioxide levels will cause peaking temperatures, which will lead to catastrophic climate and weather. Unfortunately for alarmists, the chaos isn’t happening.

No category 3-5 hurricane has hit the United States for a record 9-1/2 years. Tornadoes, droughts, polar bears, polar ice, sea levels and wildfires are all in line with (or improvements on) historic patterns and trends. The Sahel is green again, thanks to that extra CO2.  And the newly invented disasters they want to attribute to fossil fuel-driven climate change – allergies, asthma, ISIS and Boko Haram – don’t even pass the laugh test.

The NOAA report appears to have been another salvo in the White House’s attempt to regain the offensive, ahead of the Heartland Institute’s Tenth International Climate Conference. However, a growing number of prominent analysts have uncovered serious biases, errors, and questions in the report.

Climatologists Pat Michaels (photo), Dick Lindzen, and Chip Knappenberger point out that the patmikeNOAA team adjusted sea-surface temperature (SST) data from buoys upward by 0.12º C, to make them “homogenous” with lengthier records from engine intake systems in ships. However, engine intake data are “clearly contaminated by heat conduction” from the ships, and the data were never intended for scientific use – whereas the global buoy network was designed for environmental monitoring. […]

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The misuse of statistics is epidemic amongst the scaremongers, doing the bidding of their political masters before Paris COP. Fortunately there are many skeptical scientists who are able to peer review the ‘rapid-fire’ press releases of Obama cronies.

Judith Curry: Scientists speaking with one voice: panacea or pathology?

This review by Curry of  ‘social science’ and consensus of a discussion by Mike Hulme of the University of East Anglia is a good representation of how consensus fails science. Curry concludes: “And its time to put the ‘consensus entrepreneurs’ back in a box.  Imagine a world without consensus entrepreneurs; there would be no need for ‘deniers’!”


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