what the Pope got wrong …

Almost everything. With an adviser like Schellnhuber, what would you expect! From Climate Depot:

Myron Ebell on Pope’s encyclical: ‘Scientifically ill-informed, economically illiterate, intellectually incoherent’ – ‘Help Poor People by Dismantling Industrial Civilization’

The ‘climate adviser?

[…] But then comes Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, climate adviser to the Pope, and one of the three men who will today present this activist Pope’s encyclical on the environment.

Schellnhuber, a professor at Germany’s Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, is a warming alarmist with a dream: a “sophisticated — and therefore more appropriate — version of the conventional ‘world government’ notion”.

(Read full article here.)

The rest they got wrong? This much: 1000+ skeptical papers
Encyclical began as “rough draft sketched out by Pontifical Council on Justice & Peace, Vatican’s social justice arm”(And it shows.  It is still full of Leftist whining and stupid non-solutions to the problems of the world — offering in passing only boilerplate “science” John Ray)The encyclical itself has been in development since the start of the pope’s two-year-old tenure, beginning as a rough draft sketched out by the Pontifical Council on Justice and Peace, the Vatican’s social justice arm. Cardinal Peter Turkson said he delivered a first effort to Francis in July 2014, at which point the pontiff took over authorship.

The extensive amount of time that’s passed since then, Turkson said in April, might be a clue as to how many people Francis was consulting with, and how deeply he was considering their input. “This is the pope writing this from his own gut feeling,” he said.
The pope can’t single-handedly stop desert from overtaking northern Nigeria. He can’t cool India, irrigate California, drain Texas, or keep Arctic sea ice frozen.

The pope may have what St. Francis of Assisi called “Brother Wind” at his back this week. But picking a fight with the guardians of business-as-usual isn’t going to be easy. Many may change their view of the pope or the church rather than change their views on climate change or UN-led antipoverty measures.

Update: Christopher Booker: The Pope joins the EU in a sad world of make-believe
There are two great acts of political make-believe in our time, so all-pervasive that it is hard for us to grasp just how much effect they are having on our lives

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