media prostitutes … and the Pope

Hilarious. Following on from the MSM’s thrashing of the Catholic Church for any number of reasons from pedophilia to gay marriage, abortion, and more, all of a sudden, the holier than thou media laud the church for it’s minor stance on ‘climate change’. No, not global warming, but ‘climate change’. The irony is wonderfully hurtful! CAL BEISNER: The ironies of Pope Francis’s climate-change cure

[…] First, climate change is the focus of only 2 percent of the encyclical. Second, in the rest of the encyclical Pope Francis cites an average of 1.4 sources per section. But in the four sections on climate change—the subject on which Francis’s life and office leave him most in need of them—there are none…

The media prostitute themselves:

You see, the Pope is also a marxist, along with his climate advisor. They want control over you and your cash.

[…] But then comes Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, climate adviser to the Pope, and one of the three men who will today present this activist Pope’s encyclical on the environment.

Schellnhuber, a professor at Germany’s Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, is a warming alarmist with a dream: a “sophisticated — and therefore more appropriate — version of the conventional ‘world government’ notion”.

(Read full article here.)

Josh draws the line:

Josh writes: Papal thoughts on the environment have been posted all over the place – here at WUWT, over on Dot Earth, and an excellent Twitter dissection here by JunkScience’s Steve Milloy. You can also read the whole thing in Italian here.


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2 Responses to media prostitutes … and the Pope

  1. john namnik says:

    As a Mick I am disappointed by this Pope, especially as there are many other, and more important issues facing the flock [the sheeple]. Not surprised though. It was a dead giveaway to have Moon and Sachs at the prelim meeting – plus probable input from Comrade Figueres. From my reading of the leaked doc. Francis called CO2 a pollutant which goes to show how disingenuous he and his science academy is. The lefties will of course hail it simply because it doesn’t condemn the BS, and many of his 1.1 billion faithful will be influenced. There again, while its not binding, the faithful will hopefully ignore it as much as they did with Humanae Vitae. There are many Catholic opinionists highly critical [but not the mainstream media…. as you imply, yeah like they always agree with Papal encyclicals…. not!] If you’re interested, some good reasoning on sites of CRISIS Magazine and Wm. Briggs.

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