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Our future doctors

Some Cats may have been following the scandal engulfing the University of Sydney Medical School and the fact that a number of students haven’t been demonstrating the correct attitude when it comes to undertaking an assignment in the compulsory Integrated Population Medicine (IPM). […]

Science is under serious threat by ‘the agenda’. Following last week’s bogus ‘chocolate’ science paper, where the media were sucked in badly, comes the revelation at the Sydney University Medical School:

[…] Let’s face it, there is plenty of student gaming going on in other courses – these group assignments, for instance, are generally not the result of equiproportionate efforts.

Here is the piece from The SMH – tres embarrassing for the Medical School.

Medical students at the University of Sydney invented patients, falsified records and even “interviewed” dead patients in a serious academic scandal which has shocked the respected medical school.

Despite proven widespread academic dishonesty in the school, the students, most of whom are now in the final year of their medical degrees, were given the chance to “reflect” on their actions and do another task if they admitted their dishonesty. The university acknowledged that three of those under investigation for misconduct graduated last year.

It is understood at least 70 students from a class of more than 200 were involved.

The university launched an audit of the students’ reports and patient details after it emerged that third-year students doing the compulsory integrated population medicine (IPM) program last year ”fabricated patients” and “falsified reports”. […]

So much is similar to ‘Climate Science’.

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