bee colony collapse … wind turbines?

Dr John Ray: This is an amusing study.  Greenies have it as an item of faith that things they don’t like — such as pesticides — are responsible for shrinking bee populations.  What if the real culprits were the Greenies’ beloved windfarms?  The research below is suggestive, though hardly conclusive:

It is a known to everyone that noise from wind turbines generates sound both heard and inaudible to humans. Sounds emitted that are not within the scope of being audible to humans, basically come in the form of vibrations. These vibrations can travel much further than audible sound and affect a vast area, several miles from the wind farm itself. Downwind, these low frequency vibrations can travel up to 50 KM from the source. […]

Wind farm destruction of the environment is now epidemic, reaching the rapidly dwindling bee population. The low frequency emissions posssibly distort honeybee’s receptors, causing a serious decline in their communications:

[…] The sad fact is this industry is only responsible for degrading our countryside with useless spinning towers. While the building and operations of the wind farms are killing millions of endangered bird species, raping pristine land and turning it into nothing more than a cluttered mess of steel and fiberglass. Turbines are destroying the natural habitat of wildlife in such areas. It seems now, that it may be responsible for the near destruction of the world’s honeybee population.

Read the whole piece.

More research is needed to effectively see if the link is real in bee colony deaths, before more of the useless statues to the Greens get built.

The Cause Of The Disappearing Bees (CCD): Wind Turbines …wind chopping up money

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