off the planet …

Another one run over by the bus, with the rats scurrying for dark places. Cesar Melham shows where Labor politics under Shorten, Gillard, Wilson and Co, have gone before him. The Turc Royal Commission into Union corruption has scored a big scalp.

Stepping up the Labor gravy train with new scams, has entitled Melham to a safe Labor seat. After watching just 8 minutes of this afternoon’s sitting was enough for me. Here is Michael Smith’s reporting on the morning ‘show’.

Craft disease has inflicted Cesar. (Can’t remember a f’n thing)

  Imagine how weird it must feel to go down in the lift walk out onto the street, step out on the Pitt Street Mall and see normal people going shopping and speaking like normal people.   After 3 hours listening to Cesar you’d feel like you’d arrived from Mars.

A few years ago, Cesar Melham was the proponent of another scam, a slush fund endorsed by Comrade Gillard, a former Prime Minister.

Smithy has a great sense of the ridiculous, as befitting a retired detective.

[…] however that rumbling sound in the distance is the bus approaching for the purpose of sacrificial chucking under:

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 8.11.34 am

Expect shortly to hear the shock and horror as surviving officials of the AWU discover the fresh and previously unavailable information about Mr Melhem’s awfulness.   Dear God – who knew?   Check the   telephone logs at the Cooma Correctional Concern for calls to Michael Williamson who is the last known person to have signed out the manual on burgling the offices of union officials who fall out of favour.   The manual advises that all documents are removed, exculpatory pages like minutes of meetings that approved expenses etc get lost and low level chits like a credit card voucher for a night in a New York hotel get retained and leaked (minus approval dockets).

Difficulties in this doctrine arise when expenses like those charged to the AWU by Big Bill (let’s say private defo payouts for buggering up the racing industry).   But anyone can see that’s just different.   Until Bill’s bus arrives. […]

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