hype powered cars …

Coal powered to diesel powered electric cars. Heh.

Wishful thinking from the environmentalist movement has pictured alternative energy as a suitable alternative to coal, gas and nuclear power. Ignoring the need for coal to make steel, and enormous amounts of electricity to make aluminum products, they cite the success of alternative energy at, wait for it … Kodiac Island off Alaska.


Almost Friday Funny – Tesla is apparently recharging ’emissions free’ electric cars with a diesel generator

Bishop Hill points us to this video of the Tesla Supercharging station at the Harris Ranch exit of Interstate 5 in California. He writes: “How can one resist posting a video of Tesla electric cars being recharged (so it is claimed) using a diesel generator? These people love the environment you see.” The video shows…

Then comes the praising, in religious terms, of Elon Musk’s Green electricity Tesla saviour, the Powerwall battery. The end of fossil fuels! Really. Might as well call it unicorn powered.

Off course, they don’t make anything on Kodiac island.

In the face of climate change and high electricity costs, Kodiak Island is now 99.7% powered by wind and hydro. Alaska wants to reach 50%.

Of course, hydroelectric power is the main source of electricity on Kodiac Island. That’s great if the Greens allow the dams to be built, a rarity these days. As well, the diesel requirements here are high for transportation and fishing, and then there’s air transport, ferries and cruise ships calling, where renewables just don’t cut it.

Most electrical energy for the city is provided from the Terror Lake Hydroelectric Generating Station owned by the Kodiak Electrical Association. Substantial amounts of energy are also provided by wind turbines and by diesel generators. There are six 1.5 MW wind turbines that supply up to 1.5 MW each and have a blade length of 38.5 meters and overall height of 118.5 meters.

Much as the idea of fossil fuels being replaced, the technology is probably at least a century away from the battery technology that will provide base load power. The Power Station output ratings are also grossly exaggerated, even when it’s windy and sunny. Instead, the Greens ignore the gross environmental damage caused by basically, 19th Century wind and turbine technology with minor upgrades. Lets go back to the Waterwheel next! sarc.

Without  large subsidies from the taxpaying public, this Green renewable scam would have unraveled a long time ago.

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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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