criminals, wanting your cash …

Yes, trillions and trillions of cash,  this criminal enterprise has the biggest plan of all:

The ambit claims know no bounds. Who else would ask for $89,000,000,000,000? If the evil “more developed” nations pay for their carbon sins, the bill for those 1.3 billion people works out at $70,000 per person by 2030 (babies included).*  When the target is 89,000 billion dollars, anything the Global Saviours get, can be painted as “not enough”. (It’s never enough). A trillion in funds is a “tiny”, “insufficient” amount that is “barely adequate”. Compliant journalists will print those headlines. The crowd will pay the money and feel guilty they are not paying more.

Speaking of the loot, the world’s GDP is currently $70 trillion, so asking for $89 trillion is a claim on 8% of all the money turned over in the world economy for a decade and a half. Handsome!

There is a grand array of climate junkets for Global Worriers this year. A gala of red-carpet events culminating in Paris, from November 30 to December 11. The wheeling and dealing is on right now, months ahead — and though they talk about the importance of Paris, I expect that Paris is mostly the cabaret show (like UNFCCC event in Bali that I went to), and it’s the deals being hammered out right now that matter (so write to your Austrlian M.P. today. And can we get links to lists for the politicians of the US, UK, EU, NZ?) […]

Ban-Ki-Moon, IMF and World Bank leaders and other UN representative for the climate ministerial, April 2015.

Send more money, $89 trillion more.


[…] “Over the next 15 years, the global economy will require an estimated $89 trillion in infrastructure investments across cities, energy, and land-use systems, and $4.1 trillion in incremental investment for the low-carbon transition to keep within the internationally agreed limit of a 2 degree Celsius temperature rise.” […]

Without the last change of Government, the total theft here:

 *For comparison, at the peak of it’s “climate agenda” The Australian Labor Party had plans to spend $60,000 per Australian by 2050).

Go and read the whole thing. The kleptomaniac, Stalin is alive and well, in the UN.

[ klèptə máynee àk ]

somebody with an obsessive urge to steal, especially when there is no economic necessity

synonyms: thieving · kleptomaniacal · larcenous · dishonest ·


Update, the first to give up: California surrenders their economy to Texas (and climate worries)

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Governor “Moonbeam” Jerry Brown has just signed what might amount to an economic death sentence for California, by signing California up to the bleeding edge of international green agreement lunacy. According to Reuters; May 19 California and leaders of 11 states and provinces signed an agreement on Tuesday to limit…

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