saving mankind from a bleak future …

[…] Thorium molten salt reactors, without the need for all the backup safety systems that U235 nuclear plants have, should be no more expensive to build than coal-fired plants. This is an overnight capital cost of $3,246/kW as opposed to U235 nuclear at $5,530/kW. At that rate, a 250 MWe plant would cost about $800 million. Building 300 per annum would provide a revenue of $240 billion per annum.

The gullible left one day will find out how wrong they are about solar and wind power, guaranteed to send us all back to the dark ages. People like Ehrlich and Holdren tried that a few decades ago, yet there are now billions more of us, and poverty is much less, but still a long way to go. Never if you rely on that Green agenda.

David Archibald sets this case out for thorium very well. An added bonus is the ability to burn up current nuclear waste, reducing the chances of nuclear weapons material.

clip_image006.jpg Energy / thorium power

Thorium: the last great opportunity of the industrial age

Guest essay by David Archibald

It is a significant fact that half the protein the world eats has its origin in fossil fuels. We are all aware of the green revolution that, amongst other things, saw dwarf strains of wheat increase yields by a couple of hundred percent. There was another revolution in agriculture sixty years prior to the green revolution. That was the development of the Haber-Bosch process of combining hydrogen and nitrogen to produce nitrogenous fertiliser.

The plants that produce that fertiliser, the source of half of the protein we eat, run on natural gas or coal. One day these fossil fuels will run out. Does that mean that half of our population starves? It does if we don’t have a way of producing nitrogenous fertilisers cheaply using something other than natural gas or coal.

And it won’t be sunbeams or wisps of the wind that will keep people fed. Those things barely pay for themselves, if that. Take the case of the Ivanpah solar facility in California built at a cost of $2.2 billion. Rated at 392 MW, Ivanpah is a near 20-fold scale up from the previous largest solar thermal facility of 20 MW in Spain. Despite all the engineering that went into the design of Ivanpah, it operated at least 40% below design in 2014. […]

Read the whole thing.

David Archibald, a visiting fellow at the Institute of World Politics in Washington, D.C., is the author of Twilight of Abundance (Regnery, 2014)

A TED talks video on thorium can be found here.  Kirk Sorensen: Can Thorium End Our Energy Crisis?

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    to good a solution so no Armageddon inspired human mind will accept it. Evidently they believe to be masters of our destiny, and our destiny seems to be to regress to caveman stature.

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