reality fails Greenpeace … Tennessee goes nuclear

Greenpeace shows just how disjointed they are from reality:

Greenpeace Australia Pacific's photo.

Will we go clean or go dirty? Invest in the past or invest in the future?

 I think I will go with base-load power, it gets darn cold some nights. Mistaking H2O steam for ‘dirty pollution’ too, shows their complete ignorance, otherwise it’s pure propaganda. Solar is more damaging environmentally than carbon based power. Greenpeace founder, Dr Moore agrees too.

In real power news: Tennessee nuclear plant nearly done, 36 years later – …

Power, for 650,000 homes:

In this April 29, 2015 photo, a home sits within view of the Watts Bar Nuclear Plant cooling towers Unit 1, left, and Unit 2 near Spring City, Tenn. AP Photo/Mark Zaleski

(Update from an an energy engineer:

Thanks Tom.

That 650,000 homes supplied is only for the existing Watts Bar 1 unit. The second unit is expected to be on line by Christmas.

Once both units are up and running to their full work, they will be supplying their power at around the same Capacity Factor for ALL U.S. nuclear power plants, which is between 92 and 95%.

At the lower CF of 92%, this, umm, ONE plant will be supplying the same generated power which would be supplied by 2800 Wind Towers, (7000MW Nameplate) or 14 Huge scale wind farms plants of 500MW and there’s only around a dozen of that size in the whole U.S.

Watts Bar will deliver its power 24/7/365, and the wind will deliver its full power at an average of a little over 7 hours a day.

Watts Bar has a projected life span of 50 years. If the wind plants make it out to 20 to 25 years, they will have exceeded expectations.

Incidentally, this ONE Watts Bar Plant WILL deliver more power to the grid than EVERY solar plant in the WHOLE of the U.S.

Watts Bar was eeeeeenormously, hugely, humungously expensive at $4.5 Billion, just to get this second unit completed.

The equivalent power delivery from Wind Power would cost around $25 to $28 BILLION.

Green dreamers have no concept of money, let alone power delivery.


Then there’s the Washington State dreamers, denying Alaskans their major income and power source:



Want some inspiration this weekend? Watch what unfolds in Seattle.

People will take to the water and the streets in a massive peaceful resistance to confront Shell and their Arctic drilling rigs.

Follow ‪#‎ShellNo‬ ‪#‎PaddleinSeattle‬ ‪#‎SeattleVsShell‬ and find out about how you can support actions here:

From May 16 to May 18, join us in Seattle for three days of creative, people-powered resistance to Shell and the climate crisis.

Climate crisis? In your dreams! Apparently, even the President is on Shell’s side this time:


This is what real electricity generation looks like, belching out all that wonderful CO2:

Gas powered ...

Gas powered …


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