blooming cold records … ‘fastest ever’

The equal coldest May morning hit Broome this morning, 7.7C, the same as on May 28th 2012. This was recorded at the Broome Airport. In 1917, also on May28th, Broome got down as low as 7.3 at the old Post Office site. I really would like the warmth to return. Colder still was Kalumburu, in the far North Kimberley, which would be quite a shock to the inhabitants at that remote community.

So, there’s still a couple more weeks to break the record, though I hope not. Last year it never got below 15C during May. The average for May in Broome, 18.6C.

No, not all over the media, as this is cold, they only report loudly the hottest ever, all the time, global warming, except when it misses the early years pre-BoM.

Yesterday a couple of towns in NSW had their coldest on record mornings, including the Country Music Capital o0f Australia, Tamworth. Budget week in Canberra, it was as icy low as -4.7C on Thursday.

I wonder if the ‘fastest ever’ melting Antarctica is the cause! This graph from Sunshine Hours: Antarctic_Sea_Ice_Extent_Zoomed_2015_Day_134_1981-2010


Record Antarctic ice: Mawson base might have to relocate

Guest essay by Eric Worrall The record busting growth of Antarctic ice is threatening the viability of Australia’s Mawson Antarctic research station. According to The Australian; Satellite observations show a new daily record being set for ­Antarctic sea ice every day for the past two weeks. Annual records have also been broken every year for…

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