ABC Green, at war with common sense … and the law

‘Their’ ABC is at war:  […]

Tony Jones on Lateline tries repeatedly to use an absurd hypothetical to suggest the Government’s new tax-write offs for small business investments will cost billions more than projected, and repeats the ABC’s meme of the day – that the Government’s “language” about double-dipping on parental leave is mean.

And on and on and on.

The ABC is out of control. And in breach of the law.

Feel free to add your own examples in comments below.


And on the ABC’s The Drum, this hostility, including a piece from ABC host Jonathan Green, clearly suffering yet another nasty attack of polysyllabilitis, whose symptoms include windiness and a giddy feeling of superiority:



Rosie Batty may be a Greens supporter, but her contribution to another ABC attack on the Abbott Government’s Budget goes too far: […]

It goes on and on and on. The Green ABC is at war with the Government and only reports it’s own side of Green. Read the rest of their rubbish here.

They are ‘Greener’ now than 2 years ago:

May 21, 2013 MORE than 40 per cent of ABC journalists who answered a survey question about their political attitudes are Greens supporters, four times the …
Dec 14, 2013 I’M not into prophecy. However, I will have a stab at predicting the likely outcome of the inaugural editorial audit on ABC program topics.
Not much chance of a leopard changing it’s spots.

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1 Response to ABC Green, at war with common sense … and the law

  1. john namnik says:

    Okay Tom, a few observations. Their AUNTY constantly editorializes news articles in the negative when mentioning Lib policy and decisions [such comment should be saved for current affairs commentary]. E.G. The govt didn’t drop the co-payment; it dropped the “toxic” co-payment: the govt “only” gave $X in aid. etc.
    The ABC commentators regularly get snarky that the boats were stopped, claiming that we should be doing something for them at home where the problem is. Us? like what? Then when we do send soldiers overseas to help stop persecution [helping them at home], out come the knives again… can’t win.
    I am personally keeping tabs on the remote communities issue. Back around 2006 there was a storm of protest against the ” Intervention” from ABC. Four Corners [11.5.15] “Remote Hope” interviewed Tammy Solonec [Amnesty Int.] who carped against both local and fed. govts. claiming that kids could have been saved by an earlier intervention by govts. I’ve heard no subsequent criticism from ABC since.
    Then there’s Paul Barry of MEDIA BOTCH: His hobby horse is bashing commercial TV networks for advertorials. [Fair enough too, quite sick of evening news that present and promotes consumer products as news, not to mention their current affairs shows]. But, guess what?: in criticizing that SBS show ‘Struggle Street’ he was not only promoting it, but NO mention that 7.30 REPORT spent 12 mins on it.
    Not even Al Jazeera or [Russian news], is as biased as aunty. Will let you know any further observations.

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