nightmare of solar …

Although Tesla’s new battery system looks OK for the household user, it’s a disaster for the environment. As disastrous as large scale solar like the one’s that cook birds in flight, and wind turbines, the lithium that is needed is destructive.

This huge Soquimich Lithium Mine in Chile, is a mess

Have they worked out the cost of this Lithium mining on the environment?

Of course they haven’t worked out the cost, the Green blob never do. It’s about the agenda.

They’d sooner worry about a gas well footprint:Drilling for gas on the Roan Plateau in Colorado. The US has huge desposits of gas-bearing shales

Drilling for gas on the Roan Plateau in Colorado

Constant power at a fraction of the cost.

The solar nightmare:

Chiefio knows his topic:

[…] Ok, with all that out of the way, I’m just not particularly impressed. This looks to me like yet another Subsidy Farm for Musk. Yeah, he will sell them; largely to the same uber-rich folks who can buy his toy cars, some to true believers who will get a little benefit from the subsidy structure. But from a $/result point of view, I’m not seeing much to make my heart go pitty-pat.

The last word to a retired power grid engineer:

It astonishes me that people are looking at this as the for so long sought after saviour for power storage.

This is a fallacy of the worst kind.

So it’s claimed to have 14KW of storage, and actually ask people what that means, and they will have virtually no idea, other than ….. surely enough to run my house.

Forget that the panels have an (absolute best case) life of 20 to 25 years. Forget that this battery may have a longer life than most current batteries, and it most definitely will not be the same as the hoped for life of the panels themselves, so you’ll need a replacement, or even two of them, at $10,000 a time. Forget that at house sale time, the big question mark will now become the age of the panels and the age of the battery. Forget the fact about the rumour that the price can only come down, and that’s wrong totally, because it most definitely will not come down to the point where it is actually cost effective.

Forget all that. Do not listen to a word of what is said here, as it’s all propaganda in order to sell the things in the first place.

This is aimed at those who perhaps may be able to actually afford it, so you’re looking at what will be a tiny percentage of the public, and I mean tiny.

Again, forget even that.

This is only for homes, because that is all they can scale them up for.

The Residential sector consumes between 28% (in Australia) and 38% (in the U.S.) of all generated power.

So, let’s actually pretend that these batteries sell beyond their wildest dreams and they get a 5% coverage of all residences. That still only comes to between 1.4 and 1.9% of all generated power.

All added together, that might come to a whole big amount, but keep in mind here that is spread across not just one grid, but a whole Country, so NOT ONE of those large scale coal fired power plants (and that’s the target here) will be affected at all. It won’t even cause a blip in their output.

Now, while that Residential sector consumes the percentage it does, the remainder is consumed in the other two sectors, Commerce and Industry.

Now, while the average Residential consumer uses around 20KWH per day, the average Commerce consumer uses 10 times that much, and that’s just the average. The average Industry consumer uses residential multiplied by 100, again, that’s just the average.

So, these batteries are aimed only at that Residential sector, because they would be absolutely useless in any other application.

I have issues with the battery capacity, as the recommended standard is for a five day capacity as the recommended fitting, and 14KW is most definitely not that.

At $10,000 per installation, there right there is four years of retail electricity from the grid as an average, and keep in mind that is ON TOP of the cost of the panels, and you’ll need more than one battery in the life of the panels.

I know I routinely shoot at rooftop solar, and that is not because I am diametrically opposed to them by dint of being anti renewable. It’s because they are not a viable thing, on more than just the cost level.

This is hype and hype of the most obnoxious form.

Of course the chemical origin and the mess that the mining for the products in these things are bad, as are the prospects for their disposal, but, seriously, that is the least part of my opposition to them.

They just don’t do what is claimed, and please, the price will not come down to the point that they will become available to everyone. That will NEVER happen.

It will be made out as fulfillment of a big green dream, but in actual fact it’s an absolute nightmare, and a costly one at that. The people selling these things are not altruistic. They’re laughing out loud, all the way to the bank in fact.


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