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Oh, dear: Queensland’s police minister in fake Louis Vuitton – do as I say, not as I do

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 9.22.29 am

POLICE Minister Jo-Ann Miller has been accused of supporting organised crime after wearing a fake Louis Vuitton belt during the Labour Day march through Brisbane on the weekend.

The MP for Bundamba was spotted in the faux-flashy accessory as she rallied for better pay and conditions for workers on Sunday. She later admitted it was a fake.

Intellectual property lawyer John Swinson said while it may not be illegal to wear pirated goods in Australia, it was a moral issue.

“If the police minister is making a fashion statement, the real statement she is making is that she supports organised crime,” he told ABC this morning. […]

(Michael Smith News)

And also in MSN, who is pefollowing the Royal Commission into Union Corruption, not 1, not 2, but 3 Unions ‘loaning’ funds to Labor, quickly, before the Jan1 deadline. Flouting the law :


Mr Lennon ( Secretary, Unions NSW) tells the Commission that he negotiated a $1.5M loan from Unions NSW to the NSW ALP in December 2010, he dealt with Sam Dastyari of the NSW Labor Party.

Mr Lennon stated that he believed the NSW electoral funding authority would pay the NSW Labor Party about $6M in public funds after the 2011 election.

Mr Lennon was aware that the NSW Labor Party was pursuing loans from the ETU and the TWU – it’s been a surprise for him to hear during the Commission’s hearings that NSW Labor was also seeking money from the CFMEU. […]

Go and read the full item at the MSM link above.

If this had been the Liberal Party, the ‘loans affair’ would be all over the media and talk shows at their ABC and Fairfax!

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