Harvard’s connected Climate ‘science’ frauds …

Shocking, but not a surprise. Harvard University is sprung defaming a scientist who failed to follow their climate ‘agenda’. Completely outrageous and deserving of some legal action, or at the very least, resignation of the perpetrator(s):


Fighting back against the double standard on climate funding at Harvard

5 May 2015 Ms. Marge Dwyer, Harvard T.P. Chan School of Public Health mhdwyer “at” hsph.harvard.edu

Dear Ms Dwyer: Research-related fraud at Harvard institutions A series of connected frauds surrounding research into climate change and related questions at Harvard has come to light because an environmental advocacy group had falsely accused Lord Monckton’s distinguished research…

Dr Willie Soon is clearly libeled, along with his co-authors; they are entitled to enact  a course of legal action against Harvard University Authorities and others, such as the EPA. It’s hypocrisy like you wouldn’t believe. More:


Would the School please explain why Mr Schwartz, a participant in projects grant-funded by the EPA in excess of $31 million, failed to disclose this material financial conflict of interest in the commentary?

Would the School please explain the double standard by which Harvard institutions have joined a chorus of public condemnation of Dr Soon, a climate skeptic, for having failed to disclose a conflict of interest that he did not in fact possess, while not only indulging Mr Schwartz, a climate-extremist, when he fails to declare a direct and substantial conflict of interest but also stating that the commentary he co-authored was “independent”?

Would the School please tell His Lordship, who has standing as Dr Soon’s lead author, how to lodge a complaint of research misconduct in respect of the massive, direct and undisclosed conflict of interest on the part of its researcher Mr Schwartz, and of the School’s misrepresentation of the commentary as “independent”?

Yours truly,

James Rowlatt

Clerk to Lord Monckton

I bet they now regret libeling, let alone annoying his Lordship! The truth hurts, heh.

Update, so that was Harvard T.P. Chan School of Public Health? That might explain this then:

Climate Craziness of the week: Climate change as ‘health threat’

Cold and flu season? High blood pressure? Nah, its climate change!

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