three monkeys and global warming …

The group-thinking offendatrons are out pushing their failed agenda, especially on the social media pages, despite pointing out the facts that science tells us, that anthropological global warming hasn’t happened, despite record increases in CO2.

It doesn’t matter how much the science says, they act like the 3 little monkeys when shown the true science. It is not consensus but skepticism that I follow. I am not in the habit of making a fool of myself, so I studied everything there was to know about the topic. Just since starting this blog in 2011, I have posted over 2800 posts with countless links in  the ‘climate’ category, rarely having to repeat myself, and the facebook fascists still go lalala, can’t read you. That was only after the previous 8 years of research.

There at least 15 more links on this page.

I have read what Dr Matt Ridley has written on the topic, Dr Fred Singer, and Dr Lindzen and Lennart Bengtsson too. I have watched Professors Freeman Dyson in his own words, Dr John Christy and Dr Roy Spencer, who record the satellite data, and Professor Will Happer too, who called the agenda of AGW a religion.

There are too many real scientists to list and 1000+ skeptical papers  that tell me I am not wrong.

On the contrarian side, I have read what some shabby CSIRO scientists (like Karoly) have written, as well as data tamperers, Dr Phil Jones, Drs Michael Mann, Gavin Schmidt, and the forger, Peter Glieck have said and done, and I have read their emails too. From that alone, I know they have an agenda, and it’s not science. They believe in Pal review, not peer review.

Professor Garth Paltridge must be so disappointed in his former employer: Not just science, but environmental reputations:  The ‘Pause’ of Global Warming Risks Destroying The Reputation Of Science

Dr David Evans and Dr Denis Jensen both wrote submissions to the Labor/Green inquiry, and they were ignored. That’s when I realized it was all about politics and not science.

I even paid $ 400 to help publish a very good book, along with hundreds more, about the Science of Climate Change. The answer from the left, crickets. You see, I ‘put my money where my mouth is’. Their are chapters on the science from a number of highly respected scientists.

Meanwhile the poor are not able to get cheap power in Africa and elsewhere. Disease runs rampant because they have to cook with dung in poorer regions. The group thinking left have a lot to answer for, and it is really annoying me having to write this.

No, I am not being paid by ‘Big Oil’, or big anything. Nor am I a ‘flat earther’ or conspiracy theorist. I don’t wear hats, especially ‘tin-foil’ hats of the left, despite voting Green in the last State election. My livelihood has always depended on a good knowledge of weather and climate. Beware the forecast cooling.

96a13-6a010536b58035970c01b7c7688179970b-pi e9553-climate_excuse_for_everythingUpdate, we mustn’t forget that biggest hypocrite, responsible for billions of dollars of waste:

True, Tim Flannery did once claim NSW faced “permanent” drought and ”even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and our river systems”.

So do the overflowing dams in Queensland (103.8 per cent full) and the floods in NSW embarrass him?

Hell, no. Because it’s raining money!:

About Tom Harley

Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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4 Responses to three monkeys and global warming …

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  2. john namnik says:

    I know how you feel Tom. Perhaps the lack of solar flares will help you cool down.

    • Tom Harley says:

      Thanks John, I was also having a severe attack of hay fever due to the high humidity, smoke and morning fog. I moved here nearly 3 decades ago to escape this scenario in the South West.
      I want the heat back!

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